A.A. Anniversaries

If you are celebrating an A.A. anniversary and would like to have it posted to this page, please send us an e-mail at info@lanarkleedsaa.org.

April 2021

6Smiths FallsTri-Meeting Group (ONLINE)Jude K31
11PerthPerth Sunday Morning (ONLINE)Lesley2
18PerthPerth Sunday Morning (ONLINE)Chelsea A9
19Perth12 & 12 To Serenity (ONLINE)Colleen L23
19Perth12 & 12 To Serenity (ONLINE)Meta S14
19Perth12 & 12 To Serenity (ONLINE)Carrie C6
25PerthPerth Sunday Morning (ONLINE)Taylor J10
28AlmonteThe Fundamentals Group (ONLINE)Nicole O6

May 2021