A.A. Anniversaries

If you know of an A.A. anniversary and would like to have it posted to this page, please send us an e-mail at info@lanarkleedsaa.org.

February 2020

3Carleton PlaceHeritage ValleyPaul F.18
3Perth12 & 12 to SerenitySharon Y.20
4Smiths FallsGrapevine MeetingDeb G.4
13PerthPerth Tay GroupSusanne W.4
13PerthPerth Tay GroupBill McC9
20PerthPerth Tay GroupBlake4
22Smiths FallsSaturday NightRon28
24Smiths FallsNew Hope GroupJim S.31

March 2020

1PerthPerth Sunday MorningTaylor J.9
2Carleton PlaceHeritage ValleyDennis2
12Carleton PlaceAround the Kitchen TableRick W.20
12PerthPerth Tay GroupKevin M.1
12PerthPerth Tay GroupPat C19
12PerthPerth Tay GroupLorne T.20
15PerthPerth Sunday MorningFaron1
16Carleton PlaceHeritage ValleyAlex4
17Smiths FallsGrapevine MeetingAnna C.12
19LynThe MeetingWendy M.15
31Carleton PlaceMississippi GroupDerrick S.1
31Carleton PlaceMississippi GroupAngie R.29

April 2020

7Smiths FallsGrapevine MeetingJude K.30
9PerthPerth Tay GroupDave R11
23PerthPerth Tay GroupRod 19
30PerthPerth Tay GroupHeidi2